Regardless of how minor the offence may be, the prospect of facing criminal prosecution is both a daunting and traumatic experience, not only for the accused, but for his / her loved ones.

At DLH, we act with urgency to ensure that the Accused’s rights are protected and attend to immediately build rapport with the relevant investigating officers and liaise with the prosecution. We have access to expert witnesses in various fields and meticulous private investigators. We value and maintain our client’s need for confidentiality.

We are highly skilled and have vast experience in dealing with the various charges an accused may face. We understand that our client’s freedom and future are at stake and endeavour to build the best defence for our clients so as to avoid imprisonment, fines and a criminal record. We have successfully represented and transferred many accused persons to NICRO Diversion and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).

Our Services:

  • 24 Hour Bail Applications
  • Plea and sentence agreements
  • Representations at Court
  • Criminal litigation
  • Appeal / Reviews to High Court, SCA and Constitutional Court
  • Expungement of Criminal records
  • Opinions on Criminal Law
  • Assisting Complainants to lay charges, assisting prosecution
  • Review of setting aside of admission of guilt payments
  • Trials in District, Regional and High Court


  • Fraud, Theft, Extortion and commercial offences
  • Theft / Robbery
  • Drug related offences
  • Perjury and contempt of court
  • Firearm offences
  • Malicious damage to property


    We do not represent accused persons who have been charged with Rape or any charge of crimes committed against children.

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