We offer the following services:

Estate Planning
This is very important and depending on the complexity of your estate, we may advise a team approach including an accountant.

Drafting Wills
It is essential for everyone to have a valid will. It may be necessary to give careful consideration to the best way of catering for minors, the elderly and the incapacitated.

Setting up Family and Testamentary Trusts
We offer the service of setting up family and testamentary trusts. This is a field undergoing tremendous changes and professional advice is essential.

Deceased Estate Administration
The Master only permits an attorney, accountant or a Bank to administer the estate of a deceased which is over R250,000.00. If a family member is the executor, they need to seek a professional to wind up the estate. This is something many people will find themselves facing on the death of a loved one. The process is time consuming but it can be done efficiently and we keep our clients well informed and up to date throughout.

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